Cauliflower Tabouleh

A simple, low-calorie, grain-free meal with roasted cauliflower, walnuts, olives and sweet pomegranate seeds that can be prepared in advance – ideal for supper and packed lunch the next day!

Cooking time: 15 minutes, serves 2

1 medium cauliflower
2 tbsp Olive oil
1 Lemon zest
1 lemon squeezed
½ cup parsley leaves chopped
½ cup Coriander
½ cup Pomegranate arils
½ cup Black olives
½ cup Walnuts
3 scallions
3-4 kelp granules
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Finely chop the cauliflower until it resembles grains. You can do this very quickly in a food processor, by pulsing the cauliflower until done; be careful not to go too far).
2. Optional for non-raw version: lightly cook the cauliflower grains, either in the oven on a baking sheet or in a saute pan with olive oil.
3. In a large bowl, briefly whisk the olive oil, lemon zest and lemon juice together with a fork Add the cauliflower “grains” and all remaining ingredients and toss well.