Laboratory testing is used to find out what’s going on for you now. With an analysis of specific markers it can be invaluable in short cutting the time needed to find out what actions to take.

You may be wondering what’s the point of doing labs with a nutritional therapist, when you could go to your GP. NHS labs are different to the labs that the nutritional therapist offers and both are useful.

Because the nutritional therapist has a holistic approach to you and your health, a lab like the GI comprehensive stool test is great because it can pin point what may be going on for you and there may be multiple issues.


Your DNA
Your genetic makeup is the founding block of you. It is also your road map to achieving optimum health for not only can it tell you where your strengths lie, but it also tells you where you may be fragile and what your health risks are in advance.

Despite the truth that our genes are your preset, environment affects gene expression i.e. the way they act out. Signals from our environment such as stress, nutrition, toxicity exposure, exercise and sleep. activate or switch off genes.

Nutrition play an active role regarding ‘signalling’ and a bad or good diet can determine which genes play out and which don’t.

These are some of the laboratory tests I offer:

GI effects Comprehensive Stool Profile

Providing immediate, actionable clinic information regarding your gastro intestinal system. This includes:

  • Gut inflammation/immunology
  • The gut microbiome, now understood to reflect the level of your health. Healthy people typically harbour more than 1000 species of beneficial bacteria, known as gut flora. Quantity, diversity and balance of gut microbiome is fundamental to overall health.
  • Presence of pathogenic bacterial, fungal and parasitic colonies.
  • Digestion and absorption health
Lab Testing

Food intolerance Testing IgG

A study in 2012 showed that those who eliminated food intolerances had reductions in weight, body mass index, waist and hip circumference with improvements in all indicators of quality of life.

Food intolerances are common. Over 45% of the population react adversely to foods that they eat. this can have a massive impact on a person’s quality of life.

Often people try to eliminate suspected foods from their diet, however these are not easy to distinguish from and other foods. Multiple foods can be involved, with any organ affected.

Reactions can occur up to 72 hours after eating and may be mild, so hard to distinguish.

Food allergies are relatively rare, with about 2% of the population affected. Reactions are immediate and strong (less than two hours). Usually only a few foods are involved and affected areas are skin, airways and digestive system.

Food Allergy Testing

Adrenal Stress Profile

The adrenal glands are all about your survival and are vital to your wellbeing. They have to handle any stress that comes your way, whether it be physical, mental or emotional.

They also produce sex hormones. When stress is high, stress hormones take priority for survival. Sex hormones output can then decrease upsetting your endocrine and reproductive system.

The Adrenal Stress Profile evaluates hormones, cortisol and DHEA.

When stress becomes chronic, DHEA and cortisol output may decrease with eventual ‘burn out.’ Poor mood, lowered immunity and energy levels, poor glucose regulation and even obesity can be directly associated with exhausted adrenals.

Adrenal Stress profile testing

Genetic Test

mydnahealth Comprehensive DNA panel
This gives relevant and actionable information about your body and how it genetically responds to Food groups, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, lactose, stress, sleep and other basic questions.

Included is a lifestyle questionnaire. Together, DNA information with the lifestyle questionnaire gives a realistic picture of how well you are doing and areas that you need to focus on.

We are all individual. Some people do don’t metabolise fats or carbohydrates well and wonder why they cannot lose weight. A nutrition plan is included, based on your personal profile.

my DNA health

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Genetic Testing