What my clients say

“After two years of really struggling I was finally diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. At the time I didn’t know what it even meant. My situation Before meeting Jill was out of hand and uncontrollable. I was constantly having flare ups which meant that I was house bound most of the time because of the fear and the anxiety my condition brought on. I was constantly in pain and even struggled to walk because it started effecting my joints. As well as having no appetite I struggled with food as I was so unsure of what foods were having an impact on my condition.

I felt nervous prior to the programme as I was unsure whether it would help my condition as there was no medical evidence to prove that it would heal my digestive system.

At the beginning being on the program was hard as I struggled to eliminate certain groups of foods quickly and feared losing weight but after a while I had got used to it.

At the start Jill for warned me that it could take over 3 months to over a year to see and feel results, however I saw results very quickly and within 3 months of being on the programme properly lab results showed I was in remission which I was delighted to find out.”


“I have to take care of my liver because of past problems, I am Type II Diabetic and I have an enlarged prostate. I also had high cholesterol and blood pressure which is controlled by medication.

I saw Jill to help me improve my diet with liver friendly and detoxifying foods and to better control my sugar levels. I am working with her to bring down my cholesterol and blood pressure, so that I no longer need to rely on medication.

She is extremely knowledgeable and very friendly and operates in a realistic way taking one through a programme in small practical steps.

She looked at my issues holistically, and suggested a combination of dietary changes, supplements and lifestyle changes.

I have been able to make significant changes to my diet through her step by step approach which, frankly, I didn’t think I would be able to do.

I now have a much healthier diet, am always hydrated and feel a lot better for it.”


“…I was fed up with a never ending cycle of supposed ‘quick fix’ diets, fasting, yo-yo dieting, zero energy and feeling pretty rubbish. I had never really considered a ‘nutritionalist’ as such and decided to give it a go!

I discovered Jill online and we had an initial telephone conversation, meetings most weeks, daily emails over a period of ten weeks. To be honest it has completely changed my attitude towards food and my negative body image (following years of being a dancer).

I discovered so much about food, made weekly goals that were attainable, looked and felt 100% better, and have kept the programme in place for months after. Making goals was the answer as these were personally tailored to me and my lifestyle, time and likes.

Jill is highly knowledgable about food and nutrition and her constant care and attention to communication makes the programme completely enjoyable and worthwhile.”


“Before consulting Jill Hyams my weight had been around 97 to 100 kg for about five years and I wanted to reduce my waist measurement to half my height as recommended by my doctor. I’m generally in good health, but had been unable to reduce my weight through willpower and exercise alone. I was impressed from the outset with Jill’s professional approach. She made a thorough assessment of my current state and made some very practical initial recommendations.

I was pleased that my weight started to reduce almost immediately and by the end of the 12 week programme, I was steady at 89kg with a significant waist reduction. It’s great to have friends compliment me on my slimmer look! Jill provided constant help during the course with suggestions which were tailored to my circumstances. Her advice encouraged me towards healthy and sustainable eating habits.

I am now confident that I can hold my existing weight indefinitely – or even lose a bit more – as I am eating a satisfying diet. I am feeling much better and less lethargic which makes it easier to take more exercise. I also know that if I come across problems in future I can go to her for help.”


“I have been seeing you consistently over the last 2 years.

I have a lot of physical stress caused through my gardening-work. The Shiatsu has helped keep my body more open and resilient. I have found the treatments are always very thorough and have a healing effect. I am now much more able to deal with the stress that I have experienced for many years.

Thanks for your caring and friendly help.”


“I took my 17 year old son to Jill about seven months ago when he was feeling extremely tired, getting recurrent stomach aches and headaches, and was having problems with his skin (acne on his face, dermatitis on his feet and hands, and a rash over his arms and torso). His symptoms were due to too much schoolwork and too little sleep, combined with growing a lot in the past year and also a tendency to a low-level IBS condition which he has had since he was quite young.

Jill quickly established a good rapport with him and helped him to make dietary changes which were achievable within a school framework. He was also given supplements to take which were firstly aimed at healing his gut and reducing his histamine levels. Jill provided Charlie with detailed plans to improve both his diet and his lifestyle and she was a great support to him seeing him in person, speaking over the phone, and emailing him so that he understood how important it was to make the changes essential for his health.

It’s not easy to get a teenage boy to change his eating and sleeping habits as all teenage boys seem to love living on pizza and have an aversion to smoothies, but Jill took all this on board and worked with what Charlie was prepared to do. His energy levels are incomparably higher now and his stress levels have similarly gone down even though he is about to take his A Level exams. From having several bad stomach aches every week for many years, Charlie has had only one stomach ache in the last four months. Over time his skin has continued to improve with the changes made. His love of sport which has necesitated wearing sweaty trainers has been an extra challenge but there is continuing improvement.

Jill is extremely tenacious and is continuing to encourage dietary changes so when he goes off to university he will have a plan and know how to handle his diet.”


“For six months I had been suffering from pain in the gluteus maximus muscles (buttocks) and was relying on pain killers to cope. Walking and standing for a few minutes would bring on the pain and force me to sit down to relieve it. I had no other remedies other than regular does of ibuprofen.
A friend of my wife’s told her that she had been suffering from back pain and had tried shiatsu massage and that had relieved it quite considerably. I took the advice and arranged to see Jill.

There was a definite improvement from the outset, and after six sessions my pain level has reduced dramatically to the extent that I no longer have to rely on painkillers and can stand and walk for considerable periods without having a bad reaction.

Not only that, the aches and pains that can accompany the ageing process, such as back and neck pain, have greatly reduced. My body feels younger and I have more of a spring in my step.”


“I have known Jill Hyams for 20 years and have welcomed her nutritional advice throughout this time.
Recently she has been focussing on a diet specifically for my auto immune disorders, anti-inflammatory and pre-menopausal concerns.
Jill really understands what each individual needs – taking their lifestyle, current diet and stress levels into account and then helps them on their journey.
She is there every step of the way with her outstanding knowledge, her wealth of experience, professionalism and care.
I highly recommend Jill if you want to achieve results.”